The Winner of the Caribbean 600 is Chim Chim Wizard

Peter Askew and David from the 70th American Volvo Wizard have triumphed the 2019 RORC Carribean trophy 600 making the finest time according to IRC. For completing a non-stop race of 600 miles, Wizard puts in an almost faultless show and completed the race in the time period of 43 hours and at some time.

David Askew, said, “This happened for the first time that we have won this race. Winning this race was beyond our dreams and we can say the wildest possible dreams that we saw.

“This is the one race we have followed. Our team had the desire to be in Antigua, however, we were looking for a correct boat that could help me in doing a few things really prestigious in the ocean races. These were the races that we dreamed about from the time we were young sailors. At the beginning of this race, our expectations were not much, we focused on our preparation to give the best perform. And the result shocked all of us. It is really unbelievable.”

“It was really special and outstanding,” Peter Askew commented. After finishing the race, I, my brother and the entire team of Wizard was happy and satisfied with its performance. It was very competitive. Starting this year with such a large win after completing the commitment to winning is like being in the sky.” Peter later confirmed wizard schedule has three races in a schedule that is Transatlantic race, RMSR and RFR. The crew of Ashok brothers led the Wizard and it was skippered by Richard Clarke, Charlie Enright, Simon Fisher, Phillip Harmer, Robbie Kane, Chris Maxted, Mark Towill, Phil Trinter, John von, Mitchell White with Daryl Wislang.

“My RORC Caribbean 600 impression according to me is like I have raced the whole season of Caribbean racing.