Becker Relaxing On Yacht With Family

Boris Becker, the tennis player who has been retired now had gone through the surgery on his ankle to heal an injury of old sporting recently.

  • He is on holidays hobbling along with his patient wife, mother and son.
  • The player is taking the sun bath and watching wife taking dives in the water.

On his trip to Ibiza, Becker was spotted on crutches struggling to get around with his family, following the surgery for an old tennis injury.

However, the hard time of Becker is still not over and recently he was seen moving around a luxury yacht having taken to the waters with his son Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis and wife Lilly.

Once the tennis ace, was seen last at Wimbledon commentating before going off on his holiday, he was helped by a male companion to his feet, struggling with his injured leg brace.

On the yacht, Lily was seen taking a dive into the water, while Amadeus was seen sitting with his mother, doing nothing but just watching Lilly taking the swim.

The reason for the same is that the player’s injury in the leg is fresh and it has to be protected to get wet.

Becker is certainly facing a tough time, but all he has is the support of his family, mother, wife and son. Moreover, the fans of Becker are also seen sending wishes to him on his social media account. Tennis pro is receiving all kind metal support in the form messages from his friends and fans.

Becker is a great player and the star of tennis sport. For such player sitting on a chair or lying on bed and asking support for everything is painful. He needs the moral support from all corners of sports fraternity.